Terms & Conditions – Lodivip

By using Lodivip Casino or other related URL sites registered with us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to our betting products, and you will be deemed to have accepted and understood all terms of use.

You understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions applicable here, which may be changed by Lodivip from time to time without notice.

It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions, as well as the rules of each product or game you choose to play. The rules of the game can be found on the “Rules” page in the section of our website. Management reserves the right to add and remove games from the site without prior notice.

Lodivip changes and discontinuation of services

  1. Member login data is incorrect
  2. Use other people’s information to register services
  3. Game fairness violation
  4. Participate in games or competitions that deliberately exploit system flaws or exploit game weaknesses to affect the outcome of a game
  5. Our company does not allow illegal betting, both sides betting, no risk. If a player is found to have this problem, our company will suspend the player’s right to use. In case of any dispute, we reserve the right of final decision. In any case, the service will be stopped or terminated for the membership account to avoid problems and damages.
  6. Members register multiple accounts for betting. If more than one account is detected in one betting, we have the right to cancel the remaining bets and only keep one valid bet.

Lodivip Safety Terms

Our website has been developed with your personal privacy and security as our top priority. Lodivip is regulated and will not use your personal information for the highest security data encryption of any third party unless required to do so by applicable laws, regulations or court order.

We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your personal data to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions as necessary for payment settlement through the services offered through our website.

We have the sole right to refuse to offer free bets to members if we have reason to believe that a customer has been abused for any reason, including technical issues or deception of Lodivip’s account and security systems.

Lodivip confidentiality obligations

Members must keep their account and password information confidential, and be responsible for all actions after logging in with their account and password. In order to protect the interests of members, please do not disclose or provide account numbers and passwords to others, nor lend or transfer them to others in any way.

If the terms of service are modified or supplemented, you will be deemed to agree to the revised terms from the day you receive the notice from this website, and Lodivip will not issue a separate notice to each individual. If you continue to use the service after receiving the notice, you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.

We do not knowingly invite any individual to use our services in regions and countries where such conduct is illegal. Individuals who use this service must clearly judge whether the region or country using this service is illegal and take full responsibility. Individuals using this service should abide by relevant local laws and regulations, and we will not bear any responsibility for violations.