Privacy Policy – Lodivip

Lodivip is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers to provide safe gaming, and the information collected from this website will help us provide you with the best possible service.

Lodivip will not sell or rent customer information to third parties. The personal information provided by customers will be safely encrypted through SSL128 technology. The information will be stored very securely and will not be leaked when operating the system. If there is an opportunity to contact the customer’s personal information with the help of a partner fee, this information is still subject to the privacy policy we provide.


Members must keep their account and password information confidential, and be responsible for all actions after logging in with their account and password. In order to protect the interests of members, please do not disclose or provide account numbers and passwords to others, nor lend or transfer them to others in any way.

Privacy Policy

  1. Lodivip respects the personal privacy information that customers provide to us. We will do our best to protect the security of your information and data. We reserve the right to provide necessary personal information to payment platform service providers and financial and insurance institutions through the website to complete the payment.
  2. All personal information provided by members is transmitted over 128-bit SSL encrypted from a secure source and stored in a secure environment that is not accessible to the public. All internal access to data will be strictly limited and strictly monitored.
  3. Our customer support can reach you by phone, email, text message (SMS) or even all contact channels. Whether incoming calls to our customer support are recorded for security purposes and ask any questions you receive from the support team.
  4. Contact information cookies are transferred to your computer’s hard drive. We use some cookies for website operation. If you wish to delete any cookies already stored on your computer, click Delete Cookies in your browser.
  5. We will email you promotional offers that may be of interest to you. Lodivip will never disclose any personal information to any third party. This is the purpose of our Privacy Policy at all times.
  6. At the same time we will also show how we process customer data. We have a legal obligation to you to use your personal data, and we must have reasonable grounds for collecting your data (we have a specific page explaining why we collect customer personal data), and inform us of the purpose of collecting your data. data and need to pass it on to others, we will notify you personally.
  7. By submitting your information and data to us and using the website, you agree that all Lodivip companies (including but not limited to cross-trading, suppliers, portals, etc.) may be responsible for certain system and website features and operations as set forth in the Privacy Policy .

This Privacy Policy describes how Lodivip processes the information and data you provide to us in order to be able to participate in the management of the product, the overall functionality and operation of the system and the website.